About the Show


Live From Studio 6B is nationally syndicated news, political & current events program created by seasoned veterans of television programming. Live From Studio 6B will help provide television stations with the opportunity to offer serious political talk, sports & entertainment news and have some fun doing it.


The show is designed with topics that reach an affluent audience – news, political, sports, entertainment, with full integration in our social media channels.


We try and make the case for liberty, each and every day, making political commentary even better. We think news is a big tent these days and we want you to join us and support our effort to continue to bring some common sense to the political discourse and have some fun doing it .

Damon Roberts, Vincent Butta, Sabrina Coleman and funnyman Nick Tilelli will keep you in the loop each and everyday, with a wide variety of guests from the entertainment and political worlds.

Most importantly, we always want to hear from you, the American people. Share your opinions and experiences, and tips by interacting via our social media platforms during the show. We may even read your comment on air.

Live From Studio 6B is filmed in New York. 

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