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Covid 2.0 Begins

President Biden announced on Friday his plans to request additional funding from Congress for the development of a new coronavirus vaccine. Amazing! These people really think we're going to do this all over again.

This proposal comes as scientists monitor new waves of the virus and the rise in hospitalizations, although not at the levels seen before.Forecasts suggest that updated COVID-19 vaccines will soon be available, incorporating the XBB.1.5 version of the omicron strain.

These vaccines will differ from current combination shots, which combine the original coronavirus strain with the most prevalent omicron variants from last year. With the virus continuously mutating, the necessity for updated vaccines will persist.

The anticipated timeline allows individuals to receive their annual fall COVID-19 shot starting next month. Pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Moderna, and Novavax are all working on producing doses of the XBB update. However, each vaccine will require approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), followed by recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding their use.

While vacationing in the Lake Tahoe area, President Biden informed reporters on Friday that he has signed off on a proposal to present to Congress, requesting additional funding for the necessary and effective new vaccine. He further added that it is tentatively recommended for everyone to receive the vaccine once it becomes available.

On August 11, the White House submitted a $40 billion funding request to Congress, which did not explicitly include COVID-19 funding. This request covered various areas such as providing funds for Ukraine, replenishing federal disaster funds following a deadly climate season, and enhancing enforcement at the Southern border, including measures to combat the flow of deadly fentanyl. Notably, the administration also requested $9.25 billion last fall to combat the virus, but Congress declined the request.

In the week ending July 29, there were 9,056 COVID-19 hospital admissions, marking a 12% increase from the previous week. However, these numbers pale in comparison to past peaks, such as the 44,000 weekly hospital admissions observed in early January, nearly 45,000 in late July 2022, and the staggering 150,000 admissions during the omicron surge in January 2022.

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