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A Conservative Majority No More. Wisconsin Supreme Court Flips Liberal

Janet Protasiewicz, a Democrat, recently made history by being sworn into the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which effectively shifted control to the liberal side after a conservative majority had dominated for the past 15 years. The ceremony took place at the Wisconsin Capitol Rotunda, where Protasiewicz, a former Milwaukee County judge who secured victory in the April election, commenced her 10-year term.

The significance of this transition lies in the pursuit of a Wisconsin where the protection of our freedoms is paramount. A fair and impartial Supreme Court that ensures equal justice under the law is a shared aspiration, fostering the creation of safe communities. As an ardent advocate for abortion rights, Protasiewicz highlighted the importance of expressing her position during the officially nonpartisan race. She also criticized the state's Republican-drawn district maps as being "rigged."

With the shift in control, the Wisconsin Supreme Court is expected to tackle crucial cases related to abortion and the legitimacy of GOP-drawn legislative districts. Furthermore, a Democratic group has initiated a lawsuit aiming to overturn a Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling from the previous year, which banned absentee voting drop boxes. This development underscores the dynamic nature of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, as it now assumes its role in shaping the future legal landscape of the state.

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