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A majority of Americans have concerns about President Biden's mental fitness. Duh.

A recent survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal sheds light on the views of the American public regarding President Joe Biden's fitness for office and his potential re-election in 2024. The findings indicate that a majority of Americans have concerns about President Biden's mental fitness, with only 36 percent of registered voters believing that he is "mentally up for the job" of the presidency.

In a comparison between President Biden and former President Donald Trump, 46 percent of voters expressed confidence in Trump's mental fitness, despite the fact that he is three years younger than Biden. Additionally, 73 percent of voters expressed the belief that President Biden is too old to seek a second term, considering that he would be 81 years old at the end of a potential second term.

It is worth noting that Biden already made history by becoming the oldest elected president in 2020 at the age of 77. When it comes to evaluating their presidential accomplishments, 40 percent of voters believed that President Biden has a strong record, while 51 percent held the same view for President Trump.

The survey also shed light on the public's perception of the economy under President Biden's administration. A majority of 58 percent of voters believed that the economy has worsened since Biden took office, compared to only 28 percent who said it has improved. Additionally, almost three in four voters expressed concerns about the direction of inflation.

When it comes to voter preferences for the 2024 presidential election, 40 percent indicated they would vote for Donald Trump if the election were held that day, while 39 percent said they would vote for President Biden. Moreover, 17 percent expressed being undecided, 2 percent mentioned they would vote for Green Party candidate Cornel West, and 1 percent mentioned they would vote for Libertarian Lars Mapstead.

The survey was conducted between August 24 and 30 and involved 1,500 registered voters, with a margin of error of 2.5 percent. The results provide valuable insights into the perceptions and opinions of the American electorate regarding President Biden's fitness for office and the state of the economy under his leadership.

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