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Americans Overwhelming Know That Bidenomics Stinks

According to the latest CBS News/YouGov poll, a significant majority of Americans, specifically 65 percent, have expressed dissatisfaction with the current state of the economy, categorizing it as bad. This sentiment is further emphasized by the findings of the survey, which involved 2,181 adult residents of the United States. Among the respondents, 61 percent described the economy as "struggling," 56 percent labeled it as "uncertain," 36 percent considered it to be "unfair," and 27 percent characterized it as "punishing."

Moreover, the survey revealed that a majority of the participants, both by a "great deal" (44 percent) and to some extent (36 percent), attributed a portion of the blame for the dire economic conditions to President Biden's policies, which have been widely criticized. This poll poses a significant challenge to media outlets such as The Washington Post, who have attempted to argue in favor of reconsidering the GOP's criticism of Bidenomics. The Post's attempts have involved misleadingly spinning the slowing inflation rate of three percent to falsely assert that inflation was "falling." Furthermore, the publication incorrectly claimed that wages were keeping pace with inflation.

However, the findings of the poll contradict such assertions, as an overwhelming 70 percent of respondents stated that their work incomes were not keeping up with inflation. Additionally, within that same group of respondents who were familiar with the term "Bidenomics," a staggering 50 percent associated it with higher inflation. Moreover, 45 percent of participants expressed the belief that Biden's present actions were directly causing an increase in inflation. These alarming figures consequently contributed to President Biden's overall approval rating on the economy, which plummeted to an abysmal 34 percent as indicated by the poll.

This comprehensive analysis of the CBS News/YouGov poll provides us with deep insights into the American public's perception of the economy, its association with President Biden's policies, and the degree of dissatisfaction regarding crucial factors such as inflation and wage growth.

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