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An impeachment inquiry is expected to take place in October?

Florida GOP Representative Anna Paulina Luna recently announced that a decision regarding an impeachment inquiry is expected to take place in October. However, Luna did not specify the subject of the proposed impeachment inquiry.

In a recent statement on the platform previously known as Twitter, Luna provided two major updates. She stated that there will likely be a vote on the impeachment inquiry in October. Additionally, Luna mentioned her intention to file an appropriations rider. This rider aims to prevent the use of federal funds for the prosecution of presidential candidates before 2024. Luna emphasized her opposition to the use of taxpayer dollars for what she referred to as "divisive and illegal trash" perpetrated by what she characterized as megalomaniacs.

Luna's statement appears to be connected to the arrest of former President Donald Trump. Trump was reportedly arrested on 13 felony charges in Fulton County, Georgia. These charges pertain to alleged attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential election in the state.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has previously indicated the possibility of launching an impeachment inquiry into President Biden as soon as the House reconvenes. McCarthy made it clear that the determination to initiate an inquiry would depend on the Biden administration's willingness to provide the requested documents. During a Fox Business interview, McCarthy stated, "The thing that holds up whether we'll do an impeachment inquiry: Provide us the documents we’re asking."

Several House leaders have requested materials as part of their investigations into the actions of the first family and possible misuse of federal government resources.

Furthermore, there have been calls from House Republicans to impeach Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas due to concerns over his management of the crisis at the southern border.

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Vicki Douglas
Vicki Douglas
26 de ago. de 2023

I'll believe it when it happens. I wish the GOP would just grow a pair and get a back bone to boot!



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