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Another Pay To Play Scheme?

Reports have emerged suggesting that Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, engaged in the selling of his artwork to a prominent Democratic donor who just so happened to be appointed by his father to a prestigious commission. This revelation has sparked controversy and raised questions about the ethics and potential conflicts of interest involved.

Hunter Biden's art pieces have found their way into the Georges Bergès Gallery in SoHo, where some works have been listed for as much as $85,000. In response to the criticism surrounding these art sales, the Biden team has assured the public that they have implemented a thorough vetting process for potential buyers. However, they have revealed that the identities of these prospective purchasers are known exclusively to the art gallery.

According to insiders familiar with the matter, it has been disclosed that Hunter Biden eventually learned the names of two of the buyers. Among them is Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali, who President Biden appointed to serve on the Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad.

This appointment, combined with Naftali's contribution of $13,414 to the Biden campaign and $29,700 to the Democratic National Campaign Committee in 2023, has raised concerns over the potential influence and favoritism at play.

Details regarding the timing of Naftali's purchase of Hunter's art remain undisclosed, and the second buyer's identity—whom Hunter allegedly learned—has not been revealed by the outlet reporting on this matter. These missing pieces of information further contribute to the controversy and speculation surrounding these art transactions.

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