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"Are You Worried That They're Gonna Try and Kill You? Why Wouldn't They Try & Kill You? Honestly."

Tucker and Trump (@tuckercarlson)
Tucker and Trump (@tuckercarlson)

During last night's interview with Tucker Carlson, former President Donald Trump was asked whether he has concerns about the possibility of assassination. This question arises as Trump holds a commanding lead of 41.1% in the Real Clear Politics average of polls for the Republican presidential primary from August 10th to August 21st.

Trump declined to participate in the first Republican presidential debate on Fox News. In response to Carlson's inquiry about potential risks to his life, Trump offered candid remarks. He referred to those who might target him as "savage animals" and described them as unwell individuals.

However, it is worth mentioning that Trump has already encountered a direct threat in the past. On June 18, 2016, a mentally disturbed British national attempted to grab a police officer's gun with the intention of shooting the then-presumptive Republican presidential nominee. This incident was reported by CNN, and the offender, Michael Steven Sandford, was subsequently sentenced to a year and a day in prison according to the Department of Justice.

Trump acknowledged the intensity of the passion and hatred directed towards him, claiming it to be an unprecedented combination. Despite this, he expressed confidence in the interview's format, stating that it would likely generate higher ratings compared to traditional debates. The interview has now surpassed 100 million views, making it the most viewed interview in history.

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