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Biden acknowledges death toll for Americans in Israel now at 14, calls attacks 'act of sheer evil'

President Biden on Tuesday said the number of Americans killed in the attack this past weekend is now 14.

During his address from the White House, President Biden provided an update on the situation in Israel, solemnly revealing that the number of U.S. citizens killed has risen to 14. He condemned the attacks carried out by the terror group Hamas as acts of sheer evil. The president emphasized that this was his first public statement since the attacks occurred on Saturday morning, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

Not only have 14 Americans tragically lost their lives, but the death toll among Israelis has also reached 900, with thousands more being injured or taken captive. The president stressed that this was a critical moment for the United States to unite and demonstrate solidarity. As the conflict between Hamas terrorists and Israeli forces continues to escalate over the past four days, he unequivocally stated that there is no room for hate in our society.

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So in Biden's world 14 lost lives opens the border door to 1400 crossers.

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