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Biden campaign launches account on Trump's Truth Social

The Biden campaign recently announced its plan to join TruthSocial, a social media platform founded by former president Donald Trump. The goal is to connect with voters and address alleged "mis and disinformation" circulating about the president on the platform. By making this move, the campaign aims to counteract the prevailing narrative and engage with a user base heavily skewed towards the "MAGA" ideology.

Joining TruthSocial will immerse the campaign in an ecosystem primarily comprising right-wing individuals. This comes at a time when the Republican Party is grappling with internal disagreements and struggles to reach a consensus on key issues, as evident in their failure to agree on a Speaker of the House. The Biden spokesperson acknowledges that not all Republicans share the same views, underlining the importance of engaging with diverse perspectives.

At approximately 1:30pm EST, the @BidenHQ account sent out its inaugural "Truth" post on TruthSocial. The campaign adopts a cautiously optimistic tone, hoping for a positive reception and expressing openness to engaging with converts to their cause. The initial post garnered more comments than likes or shares, indicating active engagement from the platform's users. Subsequent content includes clips featuring Republican presidential candidates Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley, as well as a segment from Fox News.

TruthSocial emerged after Trump's ban from Twitter following the January 6, 2021 riots and was launched in February of the following year. Trump has since utilized the platform to share his thoughts on current events, disseminate campaign material, and issue official statements. Estimates from SearchLogistics suggest that there are approximately 2 million active users on the platform.

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Donna Silva
Donna Silva
Oct 17, 2023

More from Clownville!


I don’t think Biden will find votes on Truth Social!


Really, that’s strange

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