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Biden currently faces RFK Jr. and Hollywood guru Marianne Williamson. Who's next?

There are indications that President Joe Biden may face an additional primary challenger in 2024 - Minnesota Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips. In an upcoming episode of The Warning, Phillips expressed openness to a potential presidential run, stating that he is considering it and hasn't ruled it out.

While he acknowledges that there are more prepared individuals who possess national organization and name recognition, Phillips believes that having choices and competition are vital for democracy. He also expressed concerns about the possibility of unforeseen events leading to an unmitigated disaster at the Democratic convention in Chicago.

In the event that Biden decides not to run again, other names like California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom have been mentioned as potential alternatives. However, Newsom has publicly stated that he believes President Biden will run and looks forward to supporting his reelection. Additionally, Vice President Kamala Harris is seen as a likely candidate to assume Biden's position if necessary.

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