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Biden family bank records subpoenaed by House committee as part of impeachment probe

On Thursday, House Republicans intensified their impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden by initiating a thorough investigation into the Biden family. As part of this effort, they issued three subpoenas for Hunter and his uncle James' personal and business bank records.

These crucial documents will be turned over to the House Oversight, Judiciary, and Ways and Means Committees. These committees are diligently examining allegations that Joe Biden, while serving as Vice President during the Obama administration, exploited his position to favor his son's business interests. It is believed that monetary gains from these interests were then funneled into the family accounts.

In a press release announcing the issuance of the subpoenas, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer expressed his determination to meticulously follow the money trail. The objective is to ascertain whether President Biden's involvement in his family's alleged corrupt business dealings compromises national security.

Comer boldly stated, "Bank records don't lie." He further emphasized that, when coupled with witness testimony, these records will expose Joe Biden's alleged abuse of public office for financial gain within his family.

Elaborating on the significance of financial records obtained earlier by House Republicans, Comer revealed a disturbing pattern emerging. These records suggest that the Bidens exploited Joe Biden's position of influence worldwide, selling access and accumulating financial benefits for the family.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith supported Comer's assertions, highlighting the observable actions taken by Hunter Biden to arrange access to his father. Smith also criticized Biden officials, Hunter's legal team, and congressional Democrats for disseminating what he referred to as little more than disinformation and lies.

The issuance of these subpoenas is deemed an apt and necessary step in the pursuit of truth. Democrats and the Biden camp have been largely uncooperative, emphasizing the importance of obtaining these bank records to shed light on the alleged $24 million received by the Biden family. This sum is believed to have been exchanged for exploiting their family "brand" in a global influence peddling scheme.

On Thursday, the first hearing of the impeachment inquiry was conducted. The inquiry seeks to determine whether President Biden leveraged his federal office for personal gain while concealing his own misconduct and that of his family.

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