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Biden’s FBI Surveilling Trump Supporters ahead of the 2024 Election

The Biden administration's utilization of the US justice system for political purposes has taken a concerning turn. Recent reports reveal that the administration is employing the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to surveil and monitor supporters of former President Trump ahead of the 2024 election.

As detailed in a recent Newsweek report, the Biden administration views the perceived "threat of violence and major civil disturbances" surrounding the upcoming presidential election as justification to actively track and counter the "Make America Great Again" (MAGA) movement.

The federal government, according to the report, has clandestinely created a separate category of extremists specifically intended to monitor Trump's army of MAGA followers. The primary agency tasked with law enforcement, the FBI, faces the challenging task of combating domestic terrorism without explicit reference to political affiliations, despite the majority of their ongoing "anti-government" investigations reportedly focusing on Trump supporters.

It is deeply concerning that Biden's FBI is targeting and labeling Trump supporters as "domestic terrorists" in the lead-up to the crucial 2024 election, a pivotal moment in American history. Does this sound familiar? Given President Biden's consistent criticism of MAGA, it comes as no surprise that the FBI is waging a comprehensive offensive against his political opposition.

In September of last year, Biden himself declared: "Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans are a threat to the very soul of this country." He expressed concerns that MAGA Republicans seek to question not only the legitimacy of past elections but also those yet to come.

According to an anonymous FBI official interviewed by Newsweek, the Bureau faces a daunting challenge. They strive to prevent a perceived "repetition" of the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol while navigating concerns about accusations of the Bureau's alleged "weaponization" by Congressional Republicans. The official emphasized the need for caution during this volatile period.

During its thorough three-month investigation, Newsweek spoke with current and former government officials to gain insight into the Biden administration's strategy in countering domestic terrorism. The implications of weaponizing law enforcement for political gain should not be underestimated. Transparency and an impartial approach are vital in safeguarding the integrity of our democratic processes.

Unsurprisingly, most of the officials who spoke to the outlet requested anonymity. Categorizing the MAGA movement as "terrorism" is seen as another broad term used to politically target the opposition, much like what can be observed in a banana republic.

It is not solely MAGA that the agency is directing its efforts towards; even those within Beauro have been affected. The Daily Fetched reported earlier this year that the FBI advised their own agents who raised questions regarding the January 6 cases to seek alternative employment.

In June, a high-ranking FBI official filed a protected disclosure to the Office of the Inspector General, alleging that FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate advised agents questioning January 6 cases to find another job. The FBI special agent claimed that during a routine meeting in February 2021, the deputy director addressed the agent's concerns about the Bureau's differing approach to the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots in contrast to its investigation of January 6.

The whistleblower alleges that "DD Abbate told the audience that anyone who questions the FBI's response or his decisions regarding the response to January 6 did not belong in the FBI and should find a different job – or something to that effect." Abbate further challenged all Special Agents in Charge (SACs) that if they had an employee who disagreed, they could have that employee contact him directly and he would rectify the situation.

Despite this, Abbate maintains that the Bureau's responses to both matters were conducted appropriately. The affidavit continues to detail that "The threat posed by domestic violent extremists is persistent, evolving, and deadly." In a statement to Newsweek, the FBI emphasized their goal of detecting and preventing terrorist attacks, with a focus on potential criminal violations, violence, and threats thereof.

They stated that anti-government or anti-authority violent extremism is categorized as domestic terrorism and remains a top threat priority for the FBI. They also emphasized their commitment to safeguarding the safety and constitutional rights of all Americans, asserting that investigations will never be initiated based solely on First Amendment protected activity, including an individual's political beliefs or affiliations. In light of the Trump-Russia hoax, the targeting of pro-life activists, and concerned parents at schools, it becomes challenging for the FBI to establish credibility.

In addition to protecting Hunter Biden and Joe from the glaring corruption, it is unfortunate that this represents the current state of affairs in America in 2023. It is disheartening to note that if you express support for Trump, the FBI labels you as a domestic terrorist. This troubling situation serves as a reflection of the prevailing climate in the country.

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Valerie Porizek
Valerie Porizek
Oct 07, 2023

This is so against the law and our privacy

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