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Black Lives Matter groups voice support for Hamas terror attacks on Israel

Black Lives Matter chapters around the globe have been expressing their support for the recent Hamas attacks on Israel during the past weekend. These attacks have resulted in a devastating loss of more than 1,200 lives. Black Lives Matter Chicago, for instance, took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to share a photo depicting a person parachuting while waving a Palestinian flag. The accompanying caption, "I stand with Palestine," demonstrates their solidarity.

During the early hours of Saturday morning, Hamas militants para-glided into Israel and carried out acts of terror, targeting a music festival for peace. This horrific incident claimed the lives of over 260 people, marking it as the largest single-day death toll for Jews since the Holocaust.

In the aftermath of these attacks, the Chicago chapter of Black Lives Matter has been actively posting on X, asserting that the Palestinians are victims of genocide. They have reposted numerous comments that highlight the direct linkage between the Black freedom struggle and the Palestinian freedom struggle.

Not limited to Chicago, the Black Lives Matter chapter in Washington, D.C. has also accused Israel of genocide. They have reposted various statements expressing support for the terrorists involved in these attacks.

It is worth noting that the support for Hamas extends beyond United States borders. Black Lives Matter U.K. has issued multiple statements since the commencement of these attacks, utilizing the hashtag "#PalestineWillBeFree." They accuse Israel of perpetrating a genocide and urge individuals to make donations to Gaza.

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