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Bob Costas says Trump supporters under 'toxic delusion in a toxic cult,' Biden shouldn't run

Veteran sports journalist Bob Costas recently offered a scathing critique of the political landscape, targeting supporters of the former President Donald Trump with fervent criticism while simultaneously casting doubt on President Joe Biden's potential for success in the upcoming 2024 election.

During a telling conversation on CNN's "Smerconish," Costas described Trump as "the most disgraceful figure in modern presidential history," characterizing him as possessing an amalgamation of detestable characteristics.

"In the wake of a presidency mired in controversy, it retains a whiff of mystery how a contingent of the population continues to not just support but fervently champion a figure like Donald Trump," Costas expressed. He further lambasted Trump's ardent followers, suggesting that they suffer from "an engulfment in a toxic cult," which leads them to overlook what he views as Trump's substantial deficiencies in temperament and capability necessary for the nation’s highest office.

Yet, Bob Costas’ fiery indictments weren’t reserved solely for Trump. Signaling bipartisan discontent, Costas conveyed skepticism about Biden's ability to hold the presidency a second time, in what seems to be a gearing up for a 2020 rematch. "His legacy is likely to be one overshadowed by hubris, failing to grasp and fully utilize the pivotal moments of his tenure," Costas opined regarding Biden.

He continued with a prediction that nudges towards pessimism: "The best-case scenario we're looking at is a narrow victory for Biden." Costas went on to question the longevity of such a victory, pointing out the physical toll and the reality of advancing age. "Should Biden manage to clinch a win over Trump, it’s highly questionable whether he'd be able to fulfill the demands of a complete term, given he'd reach the venerable age of eighty-six by its end."

Although acknowledging some of the milestones achieved during Biden's time in office, Costas argued that the current president's ability to articulate a persuasive defense of his policies, as well as to mount a compelling argument against Trump's candidacy, is inadequate. Costas insinuated that the strength of communication and sharpness in public discourse required for these tasks seem to be waning in Biden, thus potentially impairing his ability to rally the public around his vision for the future.

In summary, Costas painted a picture of American politics at a crossroads with leaders who, in his eyes, fail to meet the mark. His assessments and forecasts underscore the tensions within American political discourse, reflecting a deep-seated division and highlighting the challenges ahead as the nation inches closer to another pivotal presidential election.

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Maybe Bob Costas should come out of the announcers booth and run for Congress. He has done absolutely nothing to make this a better country while Donald Trump has given up so much and taken more verbal and legal hits than Tyson, Ali or Foreman combined ever did in the boxing ring!

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Amen 🙏

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