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Connecticut's presidential primary could move up by 4 weeks.

Connecticut is currently one of the last states in the nation to hold a presidential primary. However, a proposal is awaiting action by Gov. Ned Lamont that could change this. The proposal, which was approved by the state Legislature during a recent special session, suggests moving the presidential primary date to the first Tuesday in April. This change would give Connecticut voters a greater voice in the outcome of the primaries, according to Lamont, who supports the move.

The initiative to update the primary date was a joint effort between leaders of the state's two largest political parties. They argued that the late election date had disenfranchised Connecticut voters and candidates. Nancy DiNardo, chairwoman of the state's Democratic Party, emphasized how Connecticut voters had been shortchanged for many years due to the primary date coming after most decisions about the field of candidates had already been made. Secretary of State Stephanie Thomas, who oversees the state's elections, also backs the changes, stating that they will give Connecticut voters a greater say in the presidential primary outcome.

However, even if Lamont signs off on the changes, Connecticut would still hold its primary after "Super Tuesday," which includes primaries in California, Massachusetts, Texas, and Vermont. Connecticut was one of 20 states that submitted a bid to host an early primary to the National Democratic Committee (DNC), which proposed a significant shake-up in the party's presidential nominating calendar.

Last year, the DNC's Rules and Bylaws Committee voted to give South Carolina the honor of holding the first primary, followed by Nevada and New Hampshire, and later Georgia and Michigan, before "Super Tuesday." These changes were requested by Democratic President Joe Biden, who wanted the DNC to approve the early state lineup. Despite the threat of sanctions by the DNC, New Hampshire has refused to back down from its first-in-the-nation spot and has until Oct. 14 to comply with the committee's decision, which is still pending approval by the full DNC.

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