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Covid 19 response, "The biggest public health fiasco in modern history", says Dr. Scott Atlas

Former White House COVID advisor, Dr. Scott Atlas, recently addressed the escalating COVID-19 hysteria and the reintroduction of masks and restrictions, referring to it as a "public health fiasco". Atlas, who served as the White House advisor on the Coronavirus Task Force during President Donald Trump's administration, expressed his concerns in an interview with The Epoch Times' Joshua Philipp, highlighting that the response to COVID-19 has been "the biggest public health fiasco in modern history, and it's continuing."

Responding to reports of new mask mandates, Atlas found the prevailing hype to be "shocking", but not surprising given the events of the past three years. He emphasized that the emergence of new virus variants is anticipated and stated that mutations will gradually render the new variants less lethal.

Contrary to popular belief, Atlas asserted, "There is no significant, real, dangerous pandemic going on." He dismissed the effectiveness of masks, categorically stating that "masks don't work, period. That's proven." According to Atlas, claiming that masks are effective is akin to asserting that the earth is flat. He emphasized that extensive research consistently fails to provide evidence that masks reduce infection, transmission, or offer substantial protection to the wearer. Even N-95 masks are no different from surgical masks in this regard.

Additionally, Atlas challenged the effectiveness of lockdowns, perceiving them as "extraordinarily harmful". He expressed concern about the lack of objective reality-based actions among Americans and criticized the widespread "obsession about testing for a virus that is endemic." Atlas called for ethical individuals with courage to stand up and speak out against the prevailing incompetence and falsehoods of those in power.

When addressing criticisms of Trump's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Atlas emphasized that the necessary procedures for managing a pandemic were not newly discovered during the past three years but had been known for approximately 15 years prior. He lamented the loss of rational leadership in the country and the denial of data during the challenging year.

Atlas concluded by advocating for critical thinking and individual decision-making, urging people to understand the available information and make well-reasoned choices. He stressed the importance of having enough people who can think for themselves, highlighting critical thinking as an essential skill.

These remarks from Dr. Scott Atlas come in the wake of third-grade students at an elementary school in Montgomery County, Maryland being advised to resume wearing masks ahead of a report.

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