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Democrat Representative Dean Phillips called on Joe Biden to “pass the torch”

During an appearance on NBC's "Meet The Press," Democrat Representative Dean Phillips openly called for Joe Biden to "pass the torch" and withdraw from the 2024 race, emphasizing the need for a fresh start.

Phillips, expressing his admiration for Biden and crediting him with "rescuing the nation", LOLOLOL....urged the president to solidify his legacy by paving the way for a successor, but then said "Joe Biden, right now, is down seven points in the four swing states that will decide the next election. He has historically low approval numbers."

While highlighting his own role as a representative of the majority of the country, Phillips emphasized the desire to leave behind the divisiveness and fear tactics associated with Donald Trump.

Recognizing the importance of swing states and the need for a moderate governor, potentially from the heartland, Phillips indicated his willingness to run himself. Supporting his stance, Phillips pointed to Biden's diminishing approval ratings and the fact that a significant percentage of Democrats want an alternative candidate.

Age, according to Phillips, does not factor into these sentiments, insisting that this is a reflection of public opinion. Phillips encouraged anyone willing to run, including Joe Manchin, Cornel West, and other governors, to enter the primary race, emphasizing that the ultimate goal is to ensure the return of a Democrat to the White House. Asserting the timeliness of this endeavor, Phillips called upon potential candidates to step forward now rather than waiting years down the line.

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