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Even the locals in Lake Tahoe are sick of Biden being on vacation. The boo birds were out in force.

During a quick gaggle with reporters, President Joe Biden was questioned about his thoughts on seeing the mugshot of his opposing frontrunner, former President Donald Trump. Biden jokingly referred to Trump as a "handsome guy" despite receiving never ending boos from the nearby crowd.

The incident took place while Biden was on another vacation in Lake Tahoe, where he was approached by reporters as he left a Pilates class at a local business called PT Revolution, known for specializing in therapy for "mountain athletes."

Biden confirmed that he had seen the mugshot on television and playfully referred to Trump as a "wonderful guy." However, it is worth noting that Biden's vacation has garnered harsh criticism from residents in Maui, who expressed frustration over unresolved issues and unanswered calls related to financial assistance promised by the Biden administration.

Trump had been arrested and taken into Fulton County Jail, where a mugshot of him was captured. This came after Trump's ban from Twitter (now branded as X) in January 2021, followed by his account reinstatement by Elon Musk in November. The mugshot, posted by Trump himself, carried the caption "ELECTION INTERFERENCE, NEVER SURRENDER!" along with a link to his website.

Trump subsequently made a statement from Fulton County Jail, vehemently denying any wrongdoing and labeling the situation as a travesty of justice. He asserted his right to challenge what he believed to be a dishonest election in Georgia and expressed his determination to fight the charges against him. The jail records noted Trump's physical description as a white male, standing 6'3" tall and weighing 215 lbs.

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