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Former Trump attorney Sidney Powell reaches plea deal in Georgia 2020 election case

Attorney Sidney Powell has reached a plea deal with Fulton County prosecutors in the Georgia 2020 election case. This case involves former President Donald Trump and 18 others who were indicted in August for allegedly attempting to overturn the election results in Trump's favor.

To provide more context, Powell pleaded guilty to reduced charges just a day before the jury selection was scheduled for her trial. The deal includes six years of probation, a $6,000 fine, and $2,700 restitution to the state. Moreover, Powell has agreed to testify truthfully in the case and has written an apology letter to the citizens of the state.

Initially, Powell faced charges of racketeering and six other counts related to the 2020 election. However, a judge granted Powell's request for a speedy trial, along with former Trump attorney Kenneth Chesebro, and scheduled their trial for later this month. This differs from the other co-defendants, whose trials are scheduled separately.

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Lisa I
Lisa I
Oct 20, 2023

She should never have pleaded guilty. I just didn’t think he should have picked her to to get the proof of Election fraud.

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