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Glenn Beck's Podcast Suddenly Taken Out Of The ITunes Store, with NO Explanation.

Glenn Beck, the founder of The Blaze, recently unveiled that Apple had unexpectedly removed his podcasts from their platform. According to Beck, Apple conveyed via a message that an issue had been found with his show, The Glenn Beck Program, which needed to be resolved before it could be made available on Apple Podcasts. Consequently, his show was taken down from the platform.

Beck mentioned receiving a link for additional details, but unfortunately, it only provided information about the removal of his show without specifying the exact reason behind it. Expressing his astonishment, Beck remarked, "Well, we got that one, dummy. I mean, I cannot imagine what they are basing this one on."

Asserting that this situation challenged the notion of freedom of speech, Beck reiterated that there was nothing said on their show that justified its removal. While he speculated that it might be a mere glitch, he emphasized the need for numerous people to bring attention to such glitches before any restorative action is taken.

Beck further elaborated that he was presently preparing for rehearsal for an upcoming podcast episode—an episode he emphasized as being significant. In that episode, he planned to delve into the topic of a "real crime family."

It remains to be seen how this situation will unfold and whether Beck's podcasts will be restored to Apple Podcasts in the near future.

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