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GOP Rep. Burchett condemns Santos ouster without legal conviction

Republican Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett expressed his frustration on Friday regarding the expulsion of now-former New York Republican Rep. George Santos from the House of Representatives without a legal conviction. Burchett emphasized that Santos has not been convicted of anything and stated that in America, individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty. These remarks were made during his appearance on "The Hill on NewsNation."

The decision to expel Santos came after a 311-214 vote in the lower chamber, following the release of a report by the House Ethics Committee that detailed multiple allegations against him. While Santos has pleaded not guilty to 23 federal charges, he has yet to be convicted of any of the charges.

Burchett also drew attention to other House members who have faced significant accusations of wrongdoing. He pointed out a congress member who has allegedly had an ongoing relationship with a Chinese communist spy and another who may have violated immigration laws. Additionally, he highlighted a house member who was involved in a serious violation by pulling a fire alarm, which in Tennessee is considered a serious offense. Burchett questioned why these individuals were not being subjected to expulsion as well.

These references appear to be aimed at California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell, who has faced allegations of maintaining a relationship with suspected Chinese spy Christine Fang, and New York Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman, who recently admitted to pulling a fire alarm in September and agreed to a $1,000 fine along with writing an apology to the Capitol Police.

Before Santos was expelled, he submitted a resolution to expel Bowman.

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C Marie
C Marie
Dec 06, 2023

Stupid right-wing better get smarter don't throw out one of your associates that are important to a state that needs Republican representative this was only good for the communist far Democrat communist party. Get a clue .... Oust the rhinos back t

he real Democrats that are not communist...


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