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Governor DeSantis welcomes 270 U.S. citizens back home who were trapped in Israel.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took immediate action following the unexpected Hamas attack in Israel by signing an executive order to rescue and bring back home American citizens who were trapped in the war-torn country. With the aim of ensuring the safety of Florida residents, Governor DeSantis empowered the state of Florida to carry out logistical, rescue, and evacuation operations, providing crucial resources to the Florida Division of Emergency Management for the successful repatriation of Americans.

Demonstrating his commitment, Governor DeSantis welcomed a total of 270 U.S. citizens back to the United States, including 91 children and even four beloved dogs. It's important to note that the rescued individuals hailed not only from Florida but from various locations across the country, such as New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Governor DeSantis and his wife Casey personally greeted the returnees, emphasizing the significant role played by the state of Florida and the allocation of funds for this critical rescue mission. The safe arrival of an airliner carrying American passengers from Israel to Tampa International Airport marked the beginning of the rescue efforts.

Florida's collaboration with Project Dynamo, a Tampa-based non-profit organization, proved instrumental in ensuring the success of this mission. Project Dynamo specializes in providing assistance to those affected in disaster areas and conflict zones, where the U.S. government lacks access or presence. This joint effort was named "Operation: Promised Land" and showcased the determination and resolve of both the state of Florida and Project Dynamo to bring American citizens safely back home.

Governor DeSantis expressed his satisfaction and gratitude for being able to lead during a time of crisis. He highlighted the importance of their intervention, emphasizing that true leadership was lacking elsewhere. Governor DeSantis and the entire team eagerly await the return of the rescued Americans to the United States of America.

During a press conference, Bryan Stern, founder of Project Dynamo, expressed his gratitude to Governor DeSantis for his crucial role in enabling the successful rescue mission. Stern emphasized the significance of Governor DeSantis' executive order, which proved to be a game-changer in saving numerous lives. Notably, this marks the first instance in history where a state has subsidized an international rescue operation specifically for American citizens.

The remarkable collaboration between the state of Florida and Project Dynamo stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of American citizens both at home and abroad. Their joint efforts have successfully provided a lifeline to those affected by conflict and disaster, ensuring their safe return to the United States, their promised land.

Stern revealed that it was the stranded Americans themselves who approached the U.S. State Department seeking assistance to leave Israel, as many of them had experienced repeated flight cancellations, some as many as 14 times. Currently, it is estimated that approximately 20,000 U.S. citizens remain in Israel, according to the U.S. State Department.

Despite ongoing efforts by the Biden administration to facilitate the safe return of Americans from Israel, concrete arrangements are still being worked out. However, a recent email from the U.S. State Department to Americans trapped in Israel conveyed the commitment to transport them out of the country, albeit without provisions for the return journey. Additionally, it was stipulated that the rescued individuals would be responsible for covering their own travel expenses.

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