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Having 2nd Thoughts? Mayor Eric Adams voiced his concerns about the illegal immigrant crisis

During a town hall on Wednesday night, Mayor Eric Adams voiced his concerns about the illegal immigrant crisis that is afflicting New York. He criticized both local and federal leaders for failing to address the issue effectively.

Adams expressed his worry about the devastating impact this crisis could have on the city. With an influx of 10,000 migrants per month, he believed that every neighborhood would be affected, particularly in terms of resource utilization, public safety, and overcrowding.

Adams stressed that the problem couldn't be dismissed as solely New York City's responsibility, as every community within the city would face consequences. He highlighted the $12 billion deficit that would necessitate budget cuts and affect every city service.

Adams mourned the potential loss of the city as they knew it. He demanded that Upper West Side community leaders devise viable solutions to address the rising homelessness and crime rates in their area. A significant concern was the transformation of school playing fields into tent cities and the legal threat against any school district that refused to admit the children of illegal immigrants at the start of the new school year.

Adams apprehensively anticipated the academic setbacks these children might face, compounded by the existing learning loss resulting from pandemic-related school closures. Adams had been repeatedly criticizing the Biden administration for failing to take decisive action against the wave of illegal immigrants, whom he claimed arrived in New York City with nothing.

He further pointed out that the burden of the border crisis had been placed solely on New York. These tensions even led to Adams being dropped from the Biden campaign's advisory board. Frustrated by the lack of support received in addressing this national crisis, Adams also blamed Texas Governor Greg Abbott for the practice of bussing migrants to New York, although he acknowledged that the border states have borne the brunt of Biden's border policies. The dire situation is further exacerbated by New York City's status as a sanctuary state. In response, Adams has fervently advocated for revoking this sanctuary status from the city.

The consequences of these Biden policies are no longer confined to the border states alone, as other states also experience a gradual erosion of safety and security. Consequently, elected leaders in these distant states are now beginning to voice their opposition.

Adams emphasized the staggering responsibility of accommodating approximately 110,000 migrants, including providing them with food, clothing, shelter, education for the children, laundry services, comprehensive healthcare, and every other necessity. Astonishingly, roughly 10,000 immigrants are being funneled into New York every month.

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Gee and winters coming to boot. Thank goodness for sanctuary cities. Don’t forget the Biden’s front door, extra homes and yards, Congress and Senator homes too. Wow look up allll those wonderful voters for Biden too. They would be ecstatic to make room for a family or two. Thanks for all those Biden voters!

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Yeah I hope the illegal aliens knows where he lives so they he can take care of all of their wants and sue him if they don’t get it

Gefällt mir
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