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Homeland Security Department has announced new protections for Venezuelan immigrants

The Homeland Security Department has announced new protections for Venezuelan immigrants who arrived in the U.S. before July 31. This move grants them legal work status and the opportunity to seek protection from deportation.

Under the expanded and extended Temporary Protected Status program, the department stated that Venezuela's ongoing humanitarian, security, political, and environmental conditions have led to increased instability and a lack of safety. As a result, nearly half a million Venezuelan nationals could now be eligible to apply for the program.

Previously, around 242,700 Venezuelans who arrived in the U.S. before March 2021 already received the federal protected status, which was initially set to expire in March 2024. With the announcement, an additional 472,000 individuals may now have the chance to apply for protected status.

To be eligible for protected status, Venezuelan immigrants must meet specific criteria, including continuous residence in the U.S. since July 31, 2023. The 18-month extension of the program means the new expiration date is now March 2025.

In addition to these changes, Homeland Security officials revealed that work permits for many migrants will now be valid for five years instead of two. This adjustment aims to reduce the number of renewal applications that the agency needs to review.

The timing of this announcement coincides with Customs and Border Protection agents encountering over 2.5 million illegal immigrants so far this fiscal year, as reported by the latest available data in July.

Large cities such as New York have expressed relief over the administration's decision. They have faced challenges in accommodating the significant influx of immigrants, particularly from Venezuela, and have been advocating for allowing immigrants to work instead of relying solely on local services, according to The Associated Press.

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