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Scalise: Formal impeachment inquiry vote on House floor Wednesday

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise has announced that a formal impeachment inquiry vote regarding President Biden will be held on Wednesday on the House floor.

This move is being advocated by House Majority Whip Tom Emmer and other House Republicans, who argue that an official inquiry is necessary due to the Biden administration's alleged obstruction of the investigation into the Biden family's foreign business dealings.

Emmer, a Minnesota Republican, claims that the Justice Department has refused to allow some of their attorneys to testify before the House.

The decision to proceed with a formal impeachment inquiry has drawn criticism from Democrats, who see it as nothing more than a political stunt aimed at retaliating against Democrats and undermining the legitimacy of President Biden. Representative Jim McGovern, a Democrat from Massachusetts, stated, "The House GOP's impeachment inquiry is nothing more than a political stunt to get back at Democrats and undermine the legitimacy of President Biden. They’re upset Trump lost the 2020 election, so they're doing everything they can to overturn it. It's unhinged and dangerous."

It is worth noting that when Democrats held control of the House, they conducted impeachment hearings twice on then-President Trump, a Republican. However, the current push for an impeachment inquiry against President Biden demonstrates the ongoing political divide and fierce disagreements within Congress.

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