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Hunter Biden targets whistleblowers, sues IRS for allegedly disclosing private information

Hunter Biden filed a lawsuit on Monday against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for what he claims was the "unlawful disclosure" of his private tax information. The lawsuit specifically targets IRS whistleblowers, accusing them of interfering with the tax probe of the first son.

In the 27-page lawsuit, Biden asserts that the stakes have been raised to unprecedented levels with numerous public appearances and statements made by two IRS agents, Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, as well as their attorneys.

According to the lawsuit, Ziegler, Shapley, and their representatives have disclosed confidential information about Biden's tax matters, aiming to embarrass him. Notably, the lawsuit only includes the IRS as the defendant and alleges two U.S. privacy law violations. Biden is seeking damages of $1,000 per act of unauthorized disclosure.

The lawsuit highlights various interviews with national media outlets, such as Fox News, CNN, CBS News, John Solomon Reports, and the Megyn Kelly Show, where the confidential return information was publicly disclosed by Shapley, Ziegler, and their legal representatives.

The lawsuit cites four interviews that occurred since April with John Solomon, the editor-in-chief of Just the News. Following the disclosure of information, the IRS agents were removed from the Biden tax probe. While the first son had initially reached a plea deal on two misdemeanor tax charges, it fell apart in July after a judge raised concerns about its constitutionality.

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