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In 2020, Joe Biden clearly lied when he claimed Hunter Biden "has not made money" from China.

In 2020, Joe Biden INSISTED Hunter hadn’t made money from China. Well, according to GOP oversight, Hunter received two bank wires from Chinese nationals in 2019 with Joe Biden's home listed as the beneficiary address.

House Republicans, who obtained transfer records through a subpoena, have revealed that Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, listed his father's Delaware home as the beneficiary address for two bank wires of Chinese origin in 2019. The financial records indicate that Hunter Biden received two wires, one for $250,000 and another for $10,000, with at least one of the payments coming from Jonathan Li, a longtime associate.

Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer expressed his concerns about President Biden's credibility, stating, "Bank records don't lie but President Joe Biden does." Comer further explained that while running for President, Joe Biden denied receiving money from China, but the records now confirm that two wires originating from Beijing listed Joe Biden's Wilmington home as the beneficiary address.

He emphasized the potential national security implications, raising questions about how the Bidens utilized this money from Beijing and calling for accountability for the President and his family's alleged corruption.

Notably, Hunter Biden's involvement in China has long been a subject of scrutiny, particularly his dealings with CEFC China Energy, a now-defunct company. Of particular interest is a 2017 email found on Hunter's laptop, which references "10 held by H for the big guy." Tony Bobulinski, a former Biden business associate, has since confirmed that the "big guy" mentioned in the email is indeed Joe Biden.

These developments have heightened the calls for transparency and accountability regarding the Biden family's financial activities, particularly pertaining to their alleged connections with China.

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Valerie Porizek
Valerie Porizek
26. Sept. 2023

This man when he served as vice president to Obama was a huge lier back then. Even when he served in congress he again continued to lie. Why should we believe this man now.

Gefällt mir

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