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In Perfect Symbolism, the National Christmas Tree Went Ass over TeaKettle, Just Like Biden

The National Christmas Tree, a majestic 40-foot Norway spruce from West Virginia's Monongahela National Forest, was toppled by heavy winds in Washington, D.C. Despite this setback, rest assured that the Tree Lighting ceremony, which is scheduled for Thursday, will still take place.

On Tuesday, wind gusts exceeding 30 mph hit the nation's capital, causing the tree to fall. The National Parks Service promptly responded, evaluating the tree's condition, replacing a broken cable, and successfully restoring the tree to an upright position by Tuesday evening.

Video footage captured the tree, still brilliantly illuminated, being carefully lifted with a crane and returned to its rightful place. Undeterred, the stage for Thursday's tree lighting ceremony has already been prepared, as organizers understand the timeless adage that "the show must go on." The National Parks Service and our dedicated event partners are exploring every avenue to ensure a memorable and successful event this year.

This particular tree, handpicked from the Monongahela National Forest, was chosen to replace the previous tree, which had to be removed due to a fungal disease. Resting in the White House Ellipse since earlier this month, this magnificent specimen symbolizes the holiday spirit and the resilience of the American people.

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The Christmas tree was acting like Joe Biden period. Always falling down.


A true , Here's your sign.

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