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"Is the White House Justified in Blaming 'Misinformation' for Transgender Day of Visibility Backlash?"

The administration is attributing the public's backlash regarding the observation of Transgender Day of Visibility, which "coincidentally" aligned with Easter this year, to the spread of "misinformation."

Since its inception in 2009, International Transgender Day of Visibility is celebrated on March 31 annually. President Joe Biden has honored this day with a proclamation each year since taking office. The occurrence of the event coinciding with Easter was a first-time coincidence.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, addressed the media this Monday with concerns over deliberate misinformation. "We've noticed a considerable amount of misinformation being circulated intentionally," she stated.

Jean-Pierre further remarked, "It's hardly surprising, yet still disappointing, that certain politicians choose to weaken and divide our nation using deceitful and malicious narratives. The allegations spread in the last 24 hours, and over the weekend, are rooted in dishonesty and falsehoods," according to official statements from the White House. She reinforced the stance that "President Biden has never—and will never—manipulate his faith or utilize it for political gain or profit."

This year's proclamation by the White House for Transgender Day of Visibility sparked indignation among conservative leaders and commentators, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, House Speaker Mike Johnson, and pundit Charlie Kirk.

In response to Speaker Johnson's criticism, Biden refuted the Louisiana Republican's claims by declaring him "thoroughly uninformed," as reported by the White House press corps.

When pressed by a journalist to elaborate on his comment, Biden simply replied, "I didn't do that," and left the conversation.

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No the White House is not able to blame misinformation. The White House created the day and knows very well what day it would fall on and the white house has an entire team of really smart people and experts to observe mistakes such as this one and make the appropriate plans and statements to overt issues!

Oh wait. We are talking about the White House here! They did this purposely! Just to create the issue at hand. Unless of course the entire administration is nothing but idiots! Hmmm. That’s my guess!

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