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Israel carries out ground raid of Gaza ahead of expected larger incursion

Israeli troops launched a ground raid of northern Gaza for several hours overnight into Thursday, according to the Israel Defence Forces (IDF). The IDF stated that this operation was part of their preparation for the next stages of combat, as a larger incursion is expected soon. During the activity, the troops successfully located and attacked numerous terrorists, destroyed terrorist infrastructure and anti-tank positions, as well as conducted area organization work. The IDF later concluded the mission and left the area.

In the past 24 hours, Israeli warplanes carried out airstrikes on more than 250 Hamas targets in Gaza, as confirmed by the IDF. Moreover, the number of people kidnapped by Israel has risen to 224, following the recent release of four hostages.

Amidst the ongoing conflict, the IDF has advised Gazan civilians to evacuate from north Gaza. However, Hamas, the terrorist group governing the Gaza Strip, is obstructing the roads and resorting to violence against those attempting to leave. A conversation recorded and released by Israel from a Gazan civilian supports these claims.

This latest conflict initiated on October 7th, when Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, resulting in the tragic loss of over 1,400 lives, including women, children, and the elderly. Among the casualties were at least 31 U.S. citizens. Additionally, more than 200 people have been kidnapped, and both Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad continue to launch rocket attacks at Israel.

It is worth noting that while the Hamas-run Gazan Health Ministry claims a casualty count exceeding 6,500 since October 7th, Western officials dispute the accuracy of these numbers, stating that the figures are inflated.

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