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James Biden's Secret Dealmaking: FBI Recordings Exposed During Unrelated Bribery Probe

The FBI reportedly obtained secret recordings linking James Biden to business dealings during an investigation into attorney Richard "Dickie" Scruggs, per a recent report. Despite James and his brother, President Joe Biden, never facing charges or convictions related to the FBI's probe, the recordings shed light on their intersecting work.

It appears that Scruggs paid James Biden's consulting firm $100,000 in 1998 for advice on a bill opposed by then-Delaware Sen. Biden, which aimed to make tobacco companies pay billions of dollars. Scruggs personally admitted to hiring James because of his family connection, although the bill failed to pass.

The scrutiny extended to James Biden's wife, Sara Biden, when he attempted to establish a consulting firm with Scruggs' colleagues while the FBI investigated the attorney and his associates for a plot to bribe a judge. All involved in the scheme pleaded guilty by mid-2008, just weeks before Joe Biden was nominated as the vice president.

The FBI also captured conversations with James Biden during this period, further raising questions about his business dealings. As House Republicans investigate James Biden and Hunter Biden's activities, concerns about the influence of the family name continue to garner attention.

Moreover, The Washington Post highlights several instances where James Biden's business ventures created challenges for his brother. In the 1970s, when James faced significant debts from a nightclub business, Joe Biden sought to distance himself from the situation.

In a similar vein, during Joe Biden's first Senate campaign in 1972, James Biden solicited money from a union official who requested a meeting with the Democratic candidate in exchange for a donation. Joe Biden, suspicious that the official sought a promise for a vote, rejected the check, but James took it instead.

The House recently passed an impeachment inquiry resolution as they delve deeper into the business dealings of the first family. Subpoenas have already been issued for both James Biden and Hunter Biden as part of the ongoing investigation.

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