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Looks like Kari Lake set to launch AZ Senate bid.

According to three sources familiar with her plans as reported by POLITICO, Arizona Republican Kari Lake is gearing up to launch her Senate campaign in the early weeks of October.

Notable for her unwavering support of former President Donald Trump, Lake, who refused to concede after a narrow loss in Arizona's gubernatorial race last year, has been dropping hints about her bid for months.

In recent weeks, she has actively participated in national politics, headlining events in Iowa and Michigan.

Lake's decision to run is already impacting the Republican field for the seat currently held by Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-Ariz.), as Blake Masters, the state's 2022 Senate nominee, seems to have delayed his entry into the race after initially planning to do so in September.

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I feel bad for Mark Lamb if Kari jumps into the Senate race. He is also a good guy ...

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