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Massive manhunt underway in Maine for gunman suspected in two mass shootings

On Thursday morning, a frantic manhunt unfolded in Maine as hundreds of police officers scoured the area in search of a gunman who had opened fire at a diner and a restaurant, leaving dozens wounded and at least 16 victims dead. Tragically, the authorities anticipated that the death toll would rise, with some estimates putting the number of victims killed at 22. The suspect, identified as 40-year-old Robert Card, a former military serviceman, was the subject of a bulletin issued by the Lewiston Police Department.

In response to this devastating situation, schools, colleges, daycare centers, and businesses in Lewiston and the surrounding areas were ordered to remain closed. The incident caught the attention of President Joe Biden, who was briefed on the tragedy while attending a state dinner with the Australian Prime Minister. Federal agencies, including the FBI and the Homeland Security Department, swiftly mobilized resources to assist Maine authorities.

The news of the shooting sent shockwaves throughout the country, prompting political leaders to express their deep sorrow and horror. They also emphasized the importance of heeding the instructions of law enforcement, recognizing the ongoing danger posed by the situation. Senator Angus King, an independent from Maine, immediately made plans to return home from Washington to support his grieving state and extended his condolences to the people affected by the tragedy.

As reports emerged, there were conflicting accounts of the number of casualties. The Associated Press reported 16 deaths, while Lewiston City Councilor Robert McCarthy stated the death toll thus far was 22, citing a city administrator. The shooting occurred at two locations, namely the Schemengees restaurant and the Sparetime Recreation bowling alley. Although initial reports mentioned a third shooting at a Walmart distribution center, the company later clarified that none of its facilities were involved.

Amidst the chaotic situation, the Maine State Police issued a warning, urging residents to shelter in place. They advised people to stay inside their homes, lock their doors, and refrain from venturing outside. Law enforcement continued their investigation at the two identified locations and requested cooperation from the community. Should anyone observe suspicious activity or individuals, they were instructed to contact 911 promptly.

Please note that the information above is based on the most recent updates and is subject to change as the investigation unfolds.

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