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McCarthy says House may launch Biden impeachment inquiry when Congress reconvenes

On Tuesday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy suggested that if the Biden administration fails to provide lawmakers with requested documents, the House of Representatives may initiate an impeachment inquiry.

McCarthy, a California lawmaker, indicated that stalling House investigations into the first family's business dealings could lead to the lower chamber pursuing impeachment. During an interview with Larry Kudlow on Fox Business, McCarthy emphasized the significance of obtaining the requested documents, stating that their provision could alleviate the need for an impeachment inquiry.

However, should the administration withhold the documents and continue to impede transparency, McCarthy vowed that the House would proceed with an impeachment inquiry upon reconvening. Multiple House leaders have requested materials to support investigations into the first family and allegations of the administration weaponizing the federal government.

McCarthy did not specify the exact documents he referred to but emphasized the lower chamber's commitment to shedding light on allegations against the Biden family.

He credited the House's majority for uncovering crucial information and highlighted the consistent testimony of whistleblowers from the IRS. McCarthy warned that if the Biden administration persists in withholding critical information that could clarify these matters, the House would have no choice but to turn to an impeachment inquiry.

Furthermore, McCarthy drew a parallel between the alleged misuse of federal office by the Biden administration and the Nixon administration.

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