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Megyn Kelly asked Trump the questions others would not. His answers? Democrats are very smart people

During an interview with Megyn Kelly, President Trump finally had to address questions that some of us have eagerly anticipated hearing. Those questions are based around handing the country over to Tony Fauci, shutting down the economy, Operation Warp speed and granting a presidential commendation to Dr. Anthony Fauci.

KELLY: You said the reason that you didn’t fire Anthony Fauci is that he’d be there for a long time, it would have created a firestorm, quoting your words. Then, for the first time in May… TRUMP: Listen, I also said that I didn’t listen to him too much. KELLY: I’m getting there, but in May, you started saying that he’s a civil servant, so I couldn’t, technically. The truth is, though, not only did you not fire Fauci, who is loathed by many, many, millions of Republicans in particular, but also some Democrats. You made him a star, you made him a star, this is the criticism of you. That you made him the face of the White House coronavirus task force, that he was out at every presser, that he was running (inaudible) for the administration on COVID, and that you actually gave him a presidential commendation before you left office. Wouldn’t you like a do-over on that? TRUMP: I don’t know who gave him the commendation, I really don’t know who gave him the commendation, I wouldn’t have done it. KELLY: A presidential commendation went out for Milley too.

On January 19th, 2021, a mere two days prior to Joe Biden's inauguration, President Trump personally presented Dr. Fauci with a presidential commendation. This commendation was bestowed upon Dr. Fauci in recognition of his pivotal role in Operation Warp Speed, the Trump administration's initiative aimed at expediting the development and widespread distribution of the sham COVID-19 vaccine.

During a conversation with Megyn Kelly, Trump was requested to address his overall response to the COVID-19 crisis. In response, he candidly expressed, "I have never received the acknowledgment and appreciation I deserved for my efforts in combating COVID-19."

TRUMP: But I have people on the other side, I don’t, not my side, though there are probably some on my side too. They say, “You saved 100 million people” because I got it done in nine months as opposed to five years to 12 years. A lot of people… KELLY: You’re proud of it? TRUMP: No, I’m not proud of it, I’m saying what Democrats think. Democrats… KELLY: I get it, and I’m not somebody who denies some of the good the vaccines did too, I lived through that too, but of course, a lot of people have been vaccine injured. And that’s one of the question. Those people are mad that they were rushed through and that they can’t sue. TRUMP: Well, I never gave mandates, and people have to make up their own, you know, make their own decision, as far as I’m concerned.

Kelly's inquiry focused on the utilization of Operation Warp Speed to expedite the production of vaccines, all while impeding the rights of those harmed from seeking legal recourse. Trump, in response, restated that he did not advocate for mandates.

TRUMP: There are Democrats that say, “Why aren’t you talking about that?” They really believe strongly. One said, you said, and this is very smart people, they said “You saved 100 million people worldwide.” In 1917, you know, it could have been as much as 100, it ended the First World War because all the soldiers were dying of this horrible disease of 1917. You know, it actually ended the First World War, the soldiers were dying. There was (inaudible). They’re fighting, and they’re dying of this horrible disease.

Former President Trump shockingly still asserts that his actions have saved an impressive number of lives, with estimates ranging from 50 to 100 million individuals. He refrained from explicitly discussing it, instead highlighting his accomplishments in procuring Regeneron and various therapeutics.

Trump emphasized that his administration made significant strides in bolstering the economy, receiving accolades in various areas including military renovation, eradicating ISIS, and implementing substantial tax cuts – all while lamenting the perceived lack of recognition for his efforts in handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Hard to view these answers, on the #1 issue of our lives, as anything other than woefully disappointing.

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