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Megyn Kelly expressed deep regret regarding her decision to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

During a conversation with journalist David Zweig, Megyn Kelly, the host of "The Megyn Kelly Show," expressed deep regret regarding her decision to receive the COVID-19 vaccine as well as the subsequent booster shot. Kelly revealed that she experienced autoimmune issues following the booster shot, which led her to question the necessity of the vaccination for herself, despite being a 52-year-old woman. In her podcast, she stated, "I regret getting the vaccine even though I’m a 52-year-old woman because I don’t think I needed it. I think I would have been fine. I had got COVID many times, and it was well past when the vaccine was doing what it was supposed to be doing."

Furthermore, Kelly elaborated on her personal experience with the vaccine. She shared that for the first time, she tested positive for an autoimmune issue during her annual physical examination. Seeking expert opinion, she consulted with a renowned rheumatologist in New York who confirmed the connection between her autoimmune issue and the timeline of receiving the booster shot and subsequently contracting COVID within three weeks. Kelly emphasized that she was not the only individual the rheumatologist had observed with similar circumstances.

Previously, in April 2021, Kelly publicly announced her intention to receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, expressing confidence in her decision despite the prevalence of fear-mongering in the media. She wrote, "Am getting the [Johnson & Johnson] vaccine this [weekend]. Have zero qualms [because] have spent a life immersed in a media obsessed with fear-mongering that is often irresponsible and untrue. Do what your doctor tells you to do and ignore everyone else."

In 2022, Kelly also shared heartbreaking news of her sister's sudden passing. Her 58-year-old sister, Suzanne Crossley, died from a heart attack. Kelly revealed that her sister had been in poor health over the past few years, facing numerous health challenges. The untimely and unexpected nature of her sister's passing greatly affected Kelly and her family. Kelly expressed her emotional turmoil, noting her presence with her mother, brother, and nephew during Suzanne's final moments.

Kelly conveyed her belief that such a loss, especially when a parent outlives a child, is contrary to the natural order of life occurrences. Despite the difficult circumstances, Kelly expressed gratitude for the time spent together as a family during the weekend and announced her plan to attend her sister's funeral the following day.

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