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MTG’s home ‘swatted’ on Christmas with fake emergency call

On Christmas Day, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene made a distressing report of her home being targeted with a fake emergency call, in what is commonly known as "swatting." Despite the dangerous nature of this prank, the Georgia Republican remained steadfast in her praise for the professionalism displayed by the police who swiftly responded to the incident.

Sharing her unfortunate experience on the X social media platform, Greene expressed her frustration, stating, "I was just swatted, which marks the 8th time this has occurred. It is disheartening to have this happen on Christmas, with my family by my side. My local police force deserves immense recognition for their unwavering dedication in handling such distressing situations."

According to a spokesperson for the Rome, Ga., police, multiple calls were made through crisis hotlines located both in Rome, N.Y., and Rome, Ga., urging emergency services to respond to Greene's residence. Fortunately, the Rome Police Department swiftly coordinated with Greene's security detail to ensure her safety and ascertain that there was no legitimate emergency at her address.

Sadly, this distressing incident was not an isolated event, as it marked the latest in a string of swatting attacks targeting Greene. Since the summer of 2022, her home has fallen victim to this harmful prank on numerous occasions. Disturbingly, at least one of the individuals perpetrating this harassment claimed their actions were motivated by their disagreement with Greene's stance on transgender rights.

It is disheartening to witness such repeated acts of harassment against a public figure who is serving her community. These incidents not only disrupt Greene's personal life but also place an unnecessary burden on the dedicated law enforcement officers who dutifully respond to each false emergency call.

In conclusion, it is crucial to address the issue of swatting and the impact it has on individuals like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Heightened vigilance, along with public awareness, can contribute to curbing this dangerous phenomenon that threatens the safety and well-being of public figures and their communities.

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