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Never could have seen this coming. Project Veritas ceases operations.

Seven months after James O'Keefe announced his ousting from Project Veritas, the company he founded in 2010 has completely collapsed. Bobby Harr, a former Veritas employee and investigative reporter, recently disclosed that Project Veritas has immediately suspended all operations.

On Wednesday, Harr wrote, "BREAKING: Project Veritas suspends all operations effective immediately. CEO @HannahMGiles and Jen Kiyak of Human Resources cite financial ruin as reason for additional layoffs on 9/20/23, leaving merely a handful of employees left. All investigations halted as of today."

According to a source close to the matter, the remaining journalists on staff after the mass firing on August 17 were terminated on Wednesday. These journalists were essentially left with the task of fundraising as the company was struggling to stay afloat.

An abruptly deleted tweet on August 17 read, "SOS Hannah Giles just fired us all." Giles, who gained notoriety for her role in the ACORN video alongside founder and former CEO James O'Keefe, took over as CEO after his departure from the company was mandated by the board of directors. Unfortunately, her assumption of leadership only resulted in the downfall of the company.

In February, O'Keefe disclosed that he had been suspended as CEO. This followed a letter from 16 staffers to the Project Veritas board of directors, accusing O'Keefe of financial misconduct and employee harassment.

"James has become a power-drunk tyrant, and he is exactly who he pontificates on who we should be exposing," stated the letter.

The phrase "James O'Keefe IS Project Veritas" began trending on Twitter. Many supporters and donors expressed skepticism about the possibility of Veritas continuing without O'Keefe at the helm. Prominent conservatives also voiced their support for O'Keefe.

Veritas initially expressed confidence in their ability to stay the course and fulfill the mission set by O'Keefe, regardless of his involvement. Looks like "James O'Keefe WAS Project Veritas" after all.

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Diana Baria
Diana Baria
Sep 24, 2023

I'm thrilled for James O Keefe. He is Project Veritas! He will make OMG just as good or better



Evie Morris
Evie Morris
Sep 21, 2023

Typical, destroy from within, just look around it’s everywhere.

People are so involved in their little lives that they ignore what’s happening, they have families to raise and their children won’t recognize the United States they grew up in. Less and less freedom and all about feeding the hog of the federal government that hands over taxpayer money to the global scum. Look at the control imposed on us in California, banning of gas powered lawnmowers and a long list of other regulations by a government I and many others didn’t vote for. Beware, the snake charmer has his eyes on your state too! Just observations over the past 65 years. 4th generation in Humboldt County, would like to…

Replying to

You people in CA vote the commies in over and over!


Truth always shows it’s head

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