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Not that you care, but the FDA authorizes, approves updated COVID-19 boosters

On Monday, the Food and Drug Administration took the ridiculous step of authorizing and approving new updated COVID-19 boosters, which comes as an "urgent" response to the rising number of cases and hospitalizations across the nation.

As part of a comprehensive process, the next critical phase entails convening an independent advisory panel from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Their primary objective will be to meet on Tuesday and deliberate on eligibility recommendations for the newly developed booster.

Finally, once this important step is complete, the CDC director is expected to provide the final approval, solidifying the significance of these endeavors. This series of steps ensures a robust and meticulous approach while prioritizing public health and safety.

Of course the problem will all of this madness is that the vaccines and the boosters don't do what we were told they would do, which is to stop the transmission of this virus. So you have to ask, at this point, what is the point of all this, other than control? I think you know the answer.

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Looking for pure bloods to test the next "vaccine." Might cut down on the border invasion costs.🤔

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