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NYC to illegal immigrants.."time to go somewhere else".

New York City has recently taken measures to address the issue of illegal immigrants placing strain on the city's resources. In an effort to discourage illegal immigrants from coming to the city, flyers will be distributed to them at shelters in NYC and at the US/Mexico border.

These flyers emphasize that finding work in the city will be difficult and that it is a costly place to live. They also highlight that NYC cannot provide assistance in obtaining work permits. It is important to note that the crisis at the US-Mexico border has had a significant impact on cities across the United States, including New York City.

The city estimates that approximately 60,000 illegal immigrants currently reside there, leading to overcrowded shelters, hotels, and public areas. Only a small percentage of these immigrants have applied for work visas, which poses challenges to city officials. The cost of providing care for these individuals is projected to reach $12 billion by mid-2025.

Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, has criticized the Biden administration for what he believes is a failure to address the crisis adequately. He has called for the revocation of New York City's sanctuary status and has declared a state of emergency.

Additionally, Adams recently announced a reduction in the shelter stay duration for illegal immigrants. Governor Kathy Hochul, also a Democrat, has announced the deployment of additional National Guard members to help manage the immigrant population in the state. These actions come in the wake of concerns raised by residents, including a 95-year-old Korean War veteran who claimed he was kicked out of his nursing home.

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Our cities will look just like NYC soon.


NY kicked seniors from their homes to house illegals SHAMEFUL. Homily needs to GO

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