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Pelosi seems to waffle on Kamala Harris for VP in 2024

During an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper on Wednesday, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi engaged in a discussion regarding the future of the Democratic Party. When asked about Kamala Harris as Joe Biden's potential running mate for the 2024 elections, Pelosi refrained from providing a definitive answer. Cooper probed, "Is Kamala Harris the best running mate for this president?" To this, Pelosi simply replied, "He thinks so, and that's what matters. I don't think people give her enough credit."

Expanding on her point, Pelosi emphasized that Harris' values align with President Biden's and described her as highly politically astute. Pelosi cited Harris' success while running for attorney general in California, highlighting her ability to effectively present her case to the electorate despite initially polling at only 6 percent. Pelosi emphasized the importance of acknowledging Harris' achievements, cautioning against underestimating her contributions as the vice president of the United States.

When asked once again about Harris' suitability as Biden's running mate, Pelosi reiterated her position without providing a direct response. She clarified that as the vice president, Harris is bound by the responsibilities of the role and may not be expected to undertake specific tasks. Pelosi praised Harris for exemplifying essential qualities such as strength, inspiration, and intellectual resourcefulness as the vice president, asserting that she has represented the country exceptionally well both domestically and internationally.

The possibility of Biden retiring and abstaining from running again in 2024 was brought up, prompting Pelosi to express her hope that he would not choose to do so. Cooper brought attention to a Washington Post column by David Ignatius, suggesting that if Biden and Harris were to campaign together in 2024, Biden might jeopardize his greatest achievement - putting an end to the Trump presidency. Pelosi dismissed these concerns, stating, "Yeah, so? That's one. He also said he shouldn't run because he allowed me to go to Taiwan."

In this interview, Pelosi highlighted Kamala Harris' political acumen, underscored the duties of the vice president, and expressed her support for Biden's potential candidacy in 2024, while dismissing concerns about their joint campaign.

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