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Pence expresses support for a House Republican-led impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden

Former Vice President Mike Pence expressed his support for a House Republican-led impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, stating the importance of following the facts in order to address concerns about equal treatment under the law and uphold justice standards.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Pence emphasized the need for House Republicans to bring the facts to the American people, even if it involves an impeachment inquiry. The House is set to reconvene on Tuesday, with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy open to the possibility of an inquiry and a vote on the matter potentially taking place next week.

Pence raised questions regarding Joe Biden's connection to his son's business dealings during his vice presidency, contrasting it with his own son's military service. Hunter Biden served on the board of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings while his father was vice president. Last month, House Oversight Chairman James Comer accused Joe Biden of abusing his power by allowing his son to travel on government flights to secure foreign business deals.

Calling the Biden family's ethics into question, Pence supported the ongoing investigation being conducted by House Republicans. He highlighted the need for transparency and accountability, suggesting an "ethical cloud" hanging over the Biden family. The investigation's developments led to Comer requesting more extensive access to records held by the National Archives, amid concerns that the agency may withhold some evidence as "personal."

Pence's statements indicate the seriousness of the matter and the significance of an impeachment inquiry in addressing the concerns raised. The structure has been improved to provide a comprehensive overview of the situation and the ongoing investigations.

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Cowardly TRAITOR! No one cares what Pence thinks or has to say! If he had done his constitutional duty I don’t think our beautiful country would be slipping away

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