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Poll: Ramaswamy Secures Top Spot at First Debate

In the Republican debate held on Wednesday to determine the GOP nominee for the upcoming presidential election, business entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy emerged as the top performer, narrowly exceeding Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. These insights are based on an exclusive poll conducted by Leger, surveying 1,800 self-identified GOP voters and reported by the New York Post.

According to the poll results, Ramaswamy secured the support of 23% of the GOP voters, while DeSantis garnered the confidence of 21%. Former Vice President Mike Pence secured the third position with 11%.

Leger's Executive Vice President, Andrew Enns, stated in an interview with The Post, "It's interesting that DeSantis, one of the early front-runners, performed well, but also an upstart candidate like Ramaswamy managed to gain traction by playing the outsider card."

The poll further revealed that 61% of the GOP voters still wish for former President Donald Trump to be the nominee, with DeSantis trailing far behind with just 9%. Enns mentioned, "Considering Trump's enduring popularity, no candidate can emerge victoriously without him being a viable contender."

Interestingly, despite facing four indictments, including two federal charges, former President Donald Trump's dominance in the polls persist. This signifies the strong support base he continues to enjoy among Republican voters.

The results from the debate serve as a significant milestone in the race to secure the GOP nomination for the next presidential election. With Ramaswamy's impressive performance and his ability to capture the attention of the voters, the landscape of the competition seems to be shifting. As the political arena unfolds, it will be intriguing to witness how the candidates position themselves to garner more support and leave a lasting impact on the electorate.


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Great fight for second place but the real second place winner is Larry elder who got screwed NOONE BEATS THE MANTRUMP

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