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Project Veritas is burying the findings of "vindicated" James O'Keefe. "No one will see the report"

Project Veritas made headlines regarding its decision not to release the forensic audit report into its ousted founder, James O'Keefe. The CEO, Hannah Giles, faced questioning from a citizen journalist named SageOps, but refrained from commenting on the matter. However, leaked audio from a board meeting shed some light on the company's intentions to keep the report's results hidden from the public, despite their claims of being "vindicated."

During the encounter in Mamaroneck, New York, SageOps confronted Giles, urging her to confirm whether James O'Keefe had engaged in self-inurement. SageOps believed Giles possessed the report and insisted she address the allegations. In the leaked audio, a board member named Joe Barton disclosed the board's decision not to release the document. According to Barton, sharing the audit report was restricted to the board alone, citing undisclosed reasons.

While conversing, SageOps informed Giles of his knowledge regarding the Barton tapes, leading to a rather unfriendly response from her colleague. Despite the tension, Giles eventually broke her silence, offering the possibility of a sit-down interview, provided SageOps sent his request to her media department, which he agreed to do.

During their conversation, SageOps also raised concerns about Giles allegedly cutting off legal support to Spencer Meads and Eric Cochran. This occurred shortly after Giles publicly pledged to continue assisting them and protect all journalists. Notably, Meads and Cochran are currently facing a federal investigation in connection with the Ashley Biden diary case.

These recent events have caused turmoil within Project Veritas, with reports surfacing that Giles has terminated a significant portion of the organization's staff. Dissatisfaction among employees regarding her leadership has been apparent since she assumed control in June, following O'Keefe's departure four months prior.

As the situation unravels, it is important to examine the actions and decisions of Project Veritas and its CEO, which have been met with scrutiny and criticism. The implications and consequences of these developments may have far-reaching implications for the organization's future standing and credibility.

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