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Rand Paul: If You Can't Make The Argument ’You Don’t Stand a Chance’ in Debates Against Frontrunner

During an episode of "Jesse Watters Primetime," Republican Senator Rand Paul was asked for his advice to GOP candidates, considering his experience debating former President Donald Trump.

Paul recounted the strategies he faced when he was on the debate stage, where he had to make a crucial decision on whether to attack Trump or not. Despite receiving advice not to attack the frontrunner, Paul went against the grain and decided to confront Trump directly.

In hindsight, he explained that candidates who are not as popular as the frontrunner often have fewer opportunities to make their case, and therefore, going after the leading candidate becomes a strategic move. Paul emphasized that it is essential for candidates to articulate how they can outperform the frontrunner and highlight areas where they excel.

Based on his own experience, Paul advised aspiring candidates to engage with the frontrunner, as it brings more excitement and substance to the debates. Meanwhile, the GOP frontrunner himself, Trump, expressed his intentions to skip the GOP presidential primary debate, citing his widely recognized persona and successful presidential term.

Trump made it clear on Truth Social that he would not partake in the debates, leaving his rivals without the opportunity to confront his policies and ideas on a public stage.

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