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Rep. Scott says "30 day CR is not perfect, but it is better than a shutdown"

During his speech on the House floor, Rep. Austin Scott (R-Ga.) asserted that House Democrats are unintentionally elevating the conservative agenda by casting votes that are leading the nation towards a potential government shutdown.

Scott highlighted the significance of a small group of disruptive conservative representatives who, with the backing of some Democrats, possess the power to impede legislative progress and bring about a government shutdown.

Expressing his concerns, Scott argued that while the 30-day temporary funding bill, which includes funding for border security measures and reduces current spending levels, may not be flawless, it is a preferable alternative to the detrimental repercussions of a shutdown.

He rejected the notion that Republicans and American citizens should bear the burden of a massive $2 trillion deficit, especially when the nation is not at war, in a recession, or experiencing a health emergency. Additionally, Scott refuted claims made by Democrats regarding school teacher pay during a potential shutdown, highlighting that teachers receive their paychecks from the county rather than the federal government.

Ultimately, the 30-day temporary spending bill failed to pass the House, with 198 House Republicans supporting the measure and not a single House Democrat voting in favor, along with 21 conservative Republicans who joined Democrats in opposing it.

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