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Rocket strike hits Gaza City hospital, unconfirmed reports of hundreds dead

On Tuesday, reports emerged stating that a hospital in Gaza City was hit by a rocket or rockets, resulting in a significant number of casualties. However, the exact number of confirmed victims and the identity of those responsible for the strike remain uncertain.

The Health Ministry, which is run by Hamas, claims that an Israeli airstrike caused the devastation, as the hospital was crowded with injured individuals and Palestinians seeking refuge. According to the Associated Press, the health ministry has reported a minimum of 500 fatalities.

In response to these allegations, an Israel Defense Forces spokesperson informed The Jerusalem Post that the military is currently investigating the incident. They also mentioned that while numerous strikes have occurred throughout Gaza, there have been many unsuccessful launches alongside false reports from Hamas.

Photos and videos circulating on social media purportedly depict the damaging effects of the attack on the al-Ahli Hospital, including the building being engulfed in flames, structural disintegration, and numerous bodies. However, the authenticity of these visual materials could not be independently verified, as reported by the Associated Press.

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