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Ron DeSantis Continues To Play Offense

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made an announcement on Wednesday, regarding his decision to suspend State Attorney Monique Worrell for what he described as "neglecting her duty" in the prosecution of crimes in her jurisdiction, including Orlando. DeSantis, a Republican, has been taking a firm stance against prosecutors as he seeks to prioritize law and order.

In his statement, DeSantis emphasized the importance of appointing a State Attorney who will pursue justice within the boundaries of the law, rather than allowing violent criminals to freely roam the streets and potentially harm innocent citizens. This executive order removes Worrell from her position in Florida's 9th Judicial Circuit, which covers Orange and Osceola counties.

To fill this vacancy, DeSantis appointed Andrew Bain, who has previously served as an Orange County judge. The governor's decision has received support from Republican Attorney General Ashley Moody, who believes that Worrell's actions comprise a failure to fulfill her responsibilities as the circuit's top prosecutor and undermine the safety and security of Floridians.

DeSantis justified his decision by referencing data from the Florida Department of Corrections, highlighting that the 9th Circuit had among the lowest per capita prison admission rates for crimes involving lewd and lascivious behavior, including Possession of Child Pornography and other sex crimes against children. Furthermore, the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice reported that Worrell's circuit and dropped the highest percentage of juvenile felony charges compared to other circuits in the state.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time DeSantis has taken action against prosecutors in his state. Last year, he suspended Tampa State Attorney Andrew Warren for his reluctance to enforce Florida state laws concerning abortion and transgender surgeries for minors.

In summary, Governor Ron DeSantis' recent decision to suspend State Attorney Monique Worrell, along with his appointment of Andrew Bain, demonstrates his commitment to maintaining law and order in Florida's justice system.

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