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Santos survives: House rejects resolution to expel embattled New York Republican

On Wednesday evening, a decisive vote took place in the House of Representatives regarding the expulsion of New York Republican Rep. George Santos. With 213 lawmakers opposing his removal and 179 voting in favor, along with 19 voting present, as reported by Punchbowl News's Jake Sherman, the resolution failed to garner the necessary two-thirds majority support.

New York Republicans initiated the privileged resolution, aiming to force a vote on Santos' expulsion based on the recent guilty plea of his former campaign treasurer, Nancy Marks. Santos, who pleaded not guilty to federal fraud charges in a superseding indictment on Friday, had previously entered a not guilty plea to 13 criminal charges in May. The subsequent indictment added 10 additional counts, with Santos scheduled to appear in court on December 12.

Santos, responding to the vote, celebrated the victory for due process but emphasized that it was not about him personally. Expressing a commitment to upholding everyone's rights in this Constitutional Republic, he stated, "[tonight] was a victory for due process not me." Santos further mentioned, "This was never about me, and I'll never let it become about me. We all have rights under this great Constitutional Republic, and I'll fight for our right to uphold them till my last dying breath." Santos shared these thoughts on Twitter along with a photograph.

Before the vote, Santos exhibited defiance, assuring his supporters on social media that he remained composed and at ease. He expressed his belief that individuals are not given burdens they cannot bear, stating, "God does not give each of us a burden heavier than we can carry. I'll defend myself as best I can and stand up for my constitutional rights to due process and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. This is not nearly the end of the road for me. God bless all!"

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What the Hell does the House need to censure Talib? Unbelievable!! We need to get rid of ALL the RINOs!! The House won't be able to get Anything accomplished until they are gone!

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